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A company is above all a story, a team, a philosophy, a know-how, a desire to satisfy. Discover Meubles Thouret.
Our company, your story
After several years as a salaried cabinetmaker, Olivier Thouret decided to found his own company at the turn of the millennium. Meubles Thouret was born at the start of the new millennium with the aim of offering its customers made-to-measure furniture in keeping with the ancestral traditions of cabinetmaking.

Little by little, the company grew and the Meubles Thouret team expanded to meet the ever-increasing demand for furniture. Our creations are exported to the four corners of France and even internationally. These numerous projects have forged our experience and expertise in cabinetmaking.

2018 was the last major turning point for Meubles Thouret. In parallel with our usual market, we set out to conquer a high-end market with our line of wood and resin furniture. Our presence at the Maison & Objet show in Paris bears witness to this exciting development.

These years have been marked by changes in materials, tools and working methods.
However, our desire to meet our customers' needs remains a priority.
Meubles Thouret in figures
Now that you know our story, here are a few facts and figures about our company.
23 years old
Since Meubles Thouret was founded in 2000, we've been making made-to-measure furniture for every budget and every interior.
+2500 projects
Our company's experience can be counted in years, but above all in projects. These are all challenges and encounters with customers from France and the rest of the world.
5 prices
Our expertise has won us a number of awards. We've won awards for innovation and dynamic enterprise.
+200 materials
Cabinetmaking has its roots in wood, but there are so many different materials! Woodworking has no limits.
Our team
  • Olivier Thouret
    Cabinetmaker, founder
    of Meubles Thouret
  • Patrick Lescalier
  • Denis Serrao
  • Louis Thouret
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