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Our collections unveiled at Maison & Objet
Here's a look at our special Maison & Objet collections

Since 2020, we've been present once a year at this show, a true source of inspiration and novelties.

So come and meet us every January, in the heart of the Craft sector, a world entirely dedicated to fine craftsmanship.

Exceptional, one-of-a-kind, long-lasting pieces made in our workshops, come and plunge into the heart of our work.

Furniture for every room in your home

Kitchens, bathrooms, interior fittings, furniture manufacture and restoration...our custom-made creations will come to life and fill your home.
Your interior deserves a kitchen that's functional and adapted to your space, with quality materials and precise advice from craftsmen.
To make every morning a pleasure, equip your bathroom with functional, appropriate furniture and start the day on the right foot.
Dressing room
Give your wardrobe a showcase of choice. Our expertise enables us to create high-quality, made-to-measure dressing rooms.
Whether tables, sideboards, cupboards or consoles, we offer made-to-measure furniture to make your home unique.
Interior fittings
Whether you're looking for a bookcase, or simply wall furnishings, we offer unique, high-quality materials like resin.
Our business also involves bringing century-old furniture to life. We can restore them, thanks to our expertise as Master Craftsmen.

Unique expertise for unique furniture

Cabinetmaking is an ancestral art that has spanned the ages and regions of the world. Passing through Asia, Greece and Italy, it is today in France, in the Jura region, that this art is perpetuated.

Meubles Thouret combines tradition and modernity with innovative materials and techniques.

We offer a wide range of wood species, thanks to our environmentally-friendly suppliers. Our products are the result of this combination of tradition and innovation.
Furniture made in the Jura, a blend of tradition and innovation
We strive to respect the traditions of cabinetmaking. These are the skills that have made our trade what it is today, and which we perpetuate on a daily basis. Our products are made using traditional techniques, even if contemporary manufacturing plays an important role. We use a wide range of materials, all of which we have mastered, so there's no limit to what we can create!

All our pieces and fixtures are unique. They are the result of a dialogue between the customer and us, leaving room for imagination and desire to create an exceptional piece.

Wood, the basis of the cabinetmaker's work

Wood is the noblest of materials. Each of our creations is the result of a long process that transforms the art of nature, a tree, into an object of art.

Our suppliers work with the greatest respect for the environment to renew French and European forests.

We use regional woods such as oak, walnut, maple and cherry, but also real wood veneers with a more contemporary look.

Incorporate a unique resin into your furniture

Resin, the latest innovation in interior design
Recently, resin has established itself in decorating magazines and on social networks as a real trend in the world of interior design.

Our vision of cabinetmaking is that of a craft that is constantly evolving and opening up to new materials and techniques.

That's why Meubles Thouret has opened up to the mastery of this new material with its exceptional properties. By integrating it into all kinds of creations in a variety of shapes and colors, we offer furniture that is both unique and singular.

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For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via the following form or directly by telephone or e-mail. Visit us in our workshop in the heart of the Jura.
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