Our work
Kitchens, bathrooms, fixtures and unique pieces: these are just some of the projects we've completed since the start of the Meubles Thouret adventure.
Our line of wood and resin furniture offers a unique combination of natural beauty and durability.
While wood brings warmth, texture and character to every piece of furniture, resin adds a modern, contemporary touch.
This combination offers great creative freedom.
All our pieces are unique, born of a dialogue with the customer, who is always at the center of our attention.

Interior fittings
Interior design is all about creating a functional, aesthetic and harmonious space.
Meubles Thouret can meet all your needs.
By choosing the right colors and materials, optimizing space and taking into account the customer's habits and needs, we can create a warm, welcoming and comfortable atmosphere - an atmosphere that's just like you!
Door / Front / Dressing room
Always with quality in mind, all our products are assembled using traditional methods.
Whether hinged or sliding, double or single, each piece is made to measure to meet a specific aesthetic and functional need.
The table is a versatile piece of furniture that can be adapted to a variety of spaces and needs, while combining functionality and aesthetics.
All our tables are made-to-measure to meet your specific needs.
Looking for a unique, made-to-measure, functional kitchen? We can meet your needs. Compose your kitchen and its layout with a multitude of wood species, decors and materials. We can also supply you with appliances tailored to your needs.
Aesthetics, functionality and comfort
These are the key words for a well-designed bathroom!
As a local company, working for other local businesses is as much a matter of course as it is a source of pride. Our work enables them to showcase their products and to be part of a strong local identity.
Furniture restoration and manufacture
Despite the changing face of cabinetmaking, we never forget our roots. That's why we still enjoy creating furniture, whether traditional or contemporary.

But we don't just create, we can also restore your antique furniture. What better feeling than to give a second life to a piece of furniture by adopting an eco-responsible approach!
If you haven't found the design of your dreams, every project is unique. Our job is to meet our customers' expectations and build projects hand in hand.

Whatever your project, don't hesitate to contact us, because we can bring even the wildest ideas to life.

Woodworking is only as good as the limits you set for yourself.
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